Døv band i Eurovision Song Contest 2022

Unmute er et band med døve medlemmer. I morgen, 19. februar deltar Unmute i den polske finalen, som 1 av 10 bidrag.

For aller første gang kan et band med døve få muligheten til å konkurrere i Eurovision Song Contest. Det er ingen vokal i sangen.

Se musikkvideoen deres her:

About Unmute Team

In 2021, the Polish Association of the Deaf (PAD) prepared an unusual social campaign on the occasion of the International Day of the Deaf and the Week of the Deaf. We created the Unmute band - made up of deaf members. The campaign is accompanied by a music video for the single song "Głośniej than decybele". The song was written by Michał Pakuła, the music was composed by Michał "FOX" Król, the music video was directed by Łukasz Zabłocki, and the photos for the single's cover were taken by Łukasz Ziętek.

Enjoying music is not absolutely "reserved" for hearing people. The Deaf  perceive music not through their hearing, but through sound waves. They feel the vibrational stimulation with their whole body. Scientists have proven that deaf people can translate vibrations into auditory sensations from birth, which gives them the same pleasure as hearing people.

There are many examples that the Deaf have a rhythm and "listen" to music. Our experience with UNMUTE also shows it.

,,I dance when I want to, not when they tell me I can. I don't hear any limitations.” ,,I don't listen to music. I perceive it with my whole body. It is beautiful!” ,, I’m deaf, like all my family. Unmute is the first and most important music lesson in my life.” ,,My name is Zuza and I am deaf. I listen to music and dance every day. I also create song lyrics in polish sign language. The day without music is a lost day for me.” ,, I translate music into polish sign language. Thanks to Unmute, I would like to explain that deaf people also love music.” - this is how five deaf band members Magdalena Wdowiarz, Julia Kramek, Alina Jagodzińska, Zuzanna Szymańska and Jakub Stanisławczyk describe their experiences with music and the Unmute project.

The aim of the campaign is to educate hearing people about the reception of music by the Deaf and to create a sense of solidarity in the entire music industry, within pop culture, in which there should be a place for everyone who loves and feels music.

,, As the Polish Association of the Deaf, we want to draw the society's attention to the needs of deaf people. We want to say firmly and clearly that we are fed up with barriers and limitations in access to sign language. Deaf people are equal citizens, just like all of us. Therefore, all information should be available in sign language. The Unmute project is a continuation of the annual social campaigns that we carry out on the occasion of International Week of the Deaf, paying attention to the fact that deaf people are among us and the whole society should know about it” - adds Krzysztof Kotyniewicz, President of the PDA.

The campaign and the music video were very well received, so we decided to submit Unmute and the song “Louder than decibeles” to Polish preselections in the Eurovision Song Contest. It turned out that out of 150 teams entered, we found ourselves in the semi-final of 10 teams, which on February 19 will perform live in the final concert during which the Polish representative will be chosen in the Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in Turin.

For the first time in the Eurovision Song Contest there will be a band whose members are deaf people who sings in polish sign language throughout the song, there is no vocal in the song.

Unmute music video available on YouTube channels:

And the topic of the project website:

The campaign hashtags are #glosniejnizdecybele and #unmute

Instagram: @unmute_pl

TikTok: @unmute_pl